The Milverton Concert Society


  • Rosie Shaw and her neighbours in Fitzhead, the Harwoods, provided accommodation for Jaleo, a Flamenco group of eight who were very happy to drink everything provided and consumed 26 eggs for breakfast.
  • No-one in the Zurich String Trio spoke English. However lashings of wine, a good stew, arm waving and a great deal of laughter seemed to do the trick.
  • At Melvyn Tan’s second concert his forte-piano arrived without its legs. A call to London and the legs were dispatched to Temple Meads station, Bristol to be collected by a committee member. So no time for a rehearsal that day !
  • A musician was spotted in Fore Street Milverton, dressed only in a towel,  heading from Mary Adams’ house to Shelagh Blackmore’s….
  • The London Concertante were due to arrive in the Milverton the night before their concert but the whole area was flooded.  Phone calls to other villages established that a route was just passable via Rockwell Green. David Kennedy and Shelagh Blackmore set off to locate the stranded musicians and lead them back to the village. After one successful mission it was decided not to risk it again so the next cars were talked through via mobile phones arriving about 2.00am.
  • The day Evgeny Soiferis flew in from Russia , 20th February 2004 was the coldest day of the winter, and the church heating system gave up for ever. The church was freezing, Evegeny was freezing and so was the piano which had sat in a lorry overnight.  Gill Lumby hired large industrial gas space heaters and the show went on…